Amba Sauce (Curried Mango Puree)

Pickled and spiced mango sauce traditionally used as a topping sauce on Falafel, Kabab, and Fish.

Mango puree, pickled with mild to medium curry spices.  It is traditionally used as a topping sauce on Falafel.  However, our Amba sauce is more versatile.  It can also be used as a topping sauce on a hamburger and hot dogs.  With its curry flavor, it could be used as a marinade for chicken.  It is made with authentic Indian spices, Natural, Non-GMO, and Gluten free ingredients.

Shelf life of 360 days from the date of production

Chicken Pilaf with Mango Amba Sauce Recipe

Savor the delectable chicken pilaf with Teta Foods’ flavorful Amba Sauce. It is nutritious, yummy, and a family favorite for generations! It is spicy, substantial, and flavorful—everything you could want in a wholesome, home-cooked meal.

Preparation   Servings

10 mins             2

Cook Time       PrepLevel

 25 mins              Easy

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